Welcome to Audio Geometry

At Audio Geometry, we design and manufacture Equipment for the Broadcast,
Entertainment and Multimedia industries. Our product range incorporates:

* Electronic Crossovers, 2, 3 and 4-way Stereo-Symmetrical Technik.
* Rackmount Mic/Line Mixer with Remote Control facilities.
* Compressor/Limiters, Limiter Controller with external Level Sensor
* and Ambience Noise Controller for the installation market.
* 100v Line Mixer-Amps and Line Amplifiers.
* Frequency-Shifter for Feedback Reduction.
* Stereo Power Amplifier.
* Light Controllers and Dimmer packs.
* Custom-designed Loudspeakers.
* Distribution and Line-Balancing Preamps.

We also supply :
* Intelligent lighting, Outdoor effects, Architectural lights and Theatre lights.
* Lighting Desks, Controllers and other lighting requirements.

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